BionFarming INP

Successful cooperation between BionFarming GmbH and INP Greifswald

We are pleased to announce the successful collaboration between BionFarming GmbH and the Plasma Research Institute INP Greifswald. This partnership has resulted in groundbreaking innovations in biotechnology and marks a significant milestone in the application of plasma technologies.

The introduction of new plasma technologies has brought state-of-the-art processes to biotechnology, which are being used for the first time worldwide. This breakthrough is the result of the combined efforts and commitment of both organisations and demonstrates the enormous potential of this collaboration.

We look forward to continuing our successful collaboration. BionFarming’s experts will continue to provide advice and development to further improve the application and benefits of these technologies.

The collaboration between BionFarming and INP Greifswald brings together two different research worlds and creates mutual benefits. The combination of expertise and resources has led to impressive results and we look forward to future developments. Finally, we would like to express our enthusiasm for the continuation of this great collaboration. We are confident that this partnership will continue to produce innovative solutions that will advance biotechnology and have a positive impact on our society. We look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.