Biologics - not made without living organisms

Recombinant proteins are becoming increasingly important for a wide range of applications, including chemical production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, human and animal health, agriculture, food and waste treatment. 

BionFarming enables its customers to use plants as a robust, cost-effective and ethically responsible source of recombinant proteins as a biotechnological tool in a wide range of fields, giving them an economic advantage not only in terms of low-cost infrastructure and accessibility, but also in terms of sustainability. We want to present the broad range of applications of this special plant technology in its entirety and use examples to show the extraordinary capabilities that plants have thanks to BionFarming and how they can change the future of very different fields of application. 

Product Pipeline


Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is a congenital genetic defect for which there is currently no cure. BionFarming is in the process of developing plant-derived AAT, which is not only a direct substitute, but also replaces a very cost-intensive production with a more cost-effective plant product. Based on the plant-made AAT, BionFarming has started the development of a COVID therapeutic. 

Vegan Trastuzumab

Trastuzumab is one of the best-tested and most proven anti-body therapies for breast cancer and other cancers. With the first plant-based biosimilar, BionFarming will create an alternative for all patients who want an animal-free therapy. 


Enable recycling as in nature

  • Closed water-, fertiliser- and energy-cycles
  • 100% use of the cultivars, even the roots become usableProductivity increase of over 50% by utilising the roots
  • Naturally degradable residues which act as permanent carbon sink

Pharmaceutical Applications

Recombinant proteins are revolutionising medicine by enabling innovative therapies such as insulin for diabetics, new personalised cancer therapies and new vaccines. 

They enable the production of enzymes and other proteins used in various industrial processes, such as the extraction of rare earths or their recycling. 


Agricultural Applications ​

The recombinant production of animal proteins makes it possible to feed the world’s growing population in a more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving way, and to make crop protection so precise through high specificity that the environmental impact is greatly reduced.