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Successful cloning of new expression chassis

The suitability of different plant species for the expression of recombinant proteins after transient transfection varies and depends on several factors. The selection of a suitable plant species depends, among other things, on the specific requirements for the recombinant protein, the desired yield, the stability of the protein and the cost of cultivating the host cells. While most scientific studies are carried out using model plants, whose reaction mechanisms and physiological metabolic pathways are well known, it can be of particular interest for commercial applications that the organism used has an extended reaction range and masters very specific protein syntheses. The modular and customisable design of BionFarming’s ARTIVEX system allows the use of different plant species and varieties for the synthesis of recombinant proteins, ensuring an optimal match between the expression organism and the vector used. This not only makes it easier to meet scaling requirements and customer-specific benchmarks, but also allows for optimisation along a specific system.