Cutting edge biotechnology to make recombinant proteins scalable and sustainable

We solve key challenges in scalable alternative recombinant protein production and provide our solutions as physical assets or licensable know-how to a wide range of industries.

The Problem

Humanity faces global challenges as key resources are depleting.

The Challenge

Difficulties in industrial scalability, achieving price parity for high quality, high yield recombinant proteins.

The Solution

BionFarming unlocks the full potential of biotechnology by taking it out of the laboratory and into industrial scale production.

On the surface, the industries and their needs may seem different. However, our biotechnological approaches efficiently serve all these sectors:

Pharma     Cosmetics     Food

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Cell proliferation and scaling

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Protein production


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Scaling like nature

BionFarm are designed to be grouped together for greater performance. Connecting two or more BionSpheres together creates a network effect and with significant economies of scale. The BionFarm can be manufactures economically in large numbers, applying the highly efficient methods used in automotive production. In this way, plant growth can be optimised to meet any demand