Planty - Innovative Biotech

BionFarmings plant technology platform – Planty© – is designed to deliver a wide range of biopharmaceutical products, including therapeutic medications, enzymes and medical excipients. The innovative combination of controlled, pharmacasterile plant cultivation and vectors adapted to the plant species that model the transfection, allows specific results to be achieved, including the glycosylation of the recombinant proteins expressed by the plants. 

Pharmasterile production conditions

As there are no animal pathogens, there is no need for antibiotics. This not only ensures a consistent supply without the risk of contamination. It also eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of removing pathogens. The safety of the expression process is enhanced beyond the natural level of plant safety by embedding it in a quality by design that meets regulatory requirements. 

Product and customer focus


By using application-specific plant species, it is possible to produce any desired protein, either through natural resistance or through a genetically engineered resistant platform. At the same time, we have the freedom to produce such systems through species-vector adaptation, which greatly simplifies harvesting and enables precise capture, thereby reducing costs. 


Scaling like nature

BionFarm are designed to be grouped together for greater performance. Connecting two or more BionSpheres together creates a network effect and with significant economies of scale. The BionFarm can be manufactures economically in large numbers, applying the highly efficient methods used in automotive production. In this way, plant growth can be optimised to meet any demand