Protein production

Many industries require defined amounts of protein in a short period of time, e.g. for the production of test systems or complex biomolecules. Unfortunately, these quantities are often only available in limited quantities by conventional means, and ensuring the required quality is a challenge. Through contract manufacturing, we are able to produce the required quantities in a very short time using continuous processes or our bioreactor system.

Customised production and processing of standards

Accelerated availability of any protein quantities

Conventional production processes usually only allow for the short-term production of certain amounts of protein or certain standards in very small quantities, as they often require lengthy cultivation or extensive genetic/biotechnological adaptation. Short-term upscaling is therefore rarely possible. In contrast, BionFarming production under in vitro conditions allows us to deliver gram quantities of dry matter within a few days, even at short notice.

Complex cell culture systems with licencing

Our autotrophic cell culture systems can also be used for more complex cultivation for the production of complex proteins such as antibodies or organo-scaffolds. If licences are required, we can provide them. Our own processes are based on many years of research and have already been proven.

If you are from industry and have questions or project proposals regarding our cell production services, please contact us.


Scaling like nature

BionFarm are designed to be grouped together for greater performance. Connecting two or more BionSpheres together creates a network effect and with significant economies of scale. The BionFarm can be manufactures economically in large numbers, applying the highly efficient methods used in automotive production. In this way, plant growth can be optimised to meet any demand