Our focus

We are focused on bringing our pipeline of next-generation plant-made therapies to people around the world to treat cancer, infectious diseases and a growing number of other diseases. To achieve this, we remain deeply rooted in science and academic research. At the same time, we are building a fully integrated CDMO business with cGMP and GMP plant manufacturing facilities, based on deep expertise and complemented by a growing range of capabilities.

One platform – a planty of solutions

Based on our breakthrough technology of a modular, cross-platform approach, we are for the first time making extensive biotechnological use of plants. We combine our proprietary upstream technologies of highly controlled and safe plant cultivation, which allow us to treat the plants perfectly before they actually perform, with the proven but individually adapted methods of transient expression in a closed-loop system – the Planty platform. 

Product Pipeline


Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is a congenital genetic defect for which there is currently no cure. BionFarming is in the process of developing plant-derived AAT, which is not only a direct substitute, but also replaces a very cost-intensive production with a more cost-effective plant product. Based on the plant-made AAT, BionFarming has started the development of a COVID therapeutic. 

Vegan Trastuzumab

Trastuzumab is one of the best-tested and most proven anti-body therapies for breast cancer and other cancers. With the first plant-based biosimilar, BionFarming will create an alternative for all patients who want an animal-free therapy. 


Enable recycling as in nature

  • Closed water-, fertiliser- and energy-cycles
  • 100% use of the cultivars, even the roots become usableProductivity increase of over 50% by utilising the roots
  • Naturally degradable residues which act as permanent carbon sink

The solution that stands up

The solution that stands up

As plant bioengineers, we focus on helping the biopharmaceutical system fight disease more effectively by using an innovative system of bionically tuned factors that make plants a resilient solution for delivering highly specific therapies. 

  • Speed of development and production using proprietary transient expression systems.
  • Safe plant matrix avoiding expensive purification using plants.
  • Animal-free production avoiding the use of any animal-derived reagents.
  • Consumer acceptance for ‘green’ production of lifestyle products.
  • Improved protein functionality when requiring altered glycosylation.