Pharmaceutical Applications

The first commercially successful applications, such as the development of recombinant insulin, are known from the pharmaceutical industry. Plants, as enabled by BionFarming technology, can be used as expression systems for the production of pharmaceutically active proteins, antibodies, vaccines or hormones. Known as plant-made pharmaceuticals (PMPs), they are changing the future of medicine

The production of pharmaceuticals in plants is becoming increasingly important because plant systems are cheaper, safer and more scalable than expression systems in mammalian, yeast, bacterial and insect cells. Here we provide an overview of the history, current status and opportunities of plant production of pharmaceuticals as a service provided by BionFarming. 

The production of pharmaceuticals in plants requires the combination of a suitable plant species with a suitable transformation technology. BionFarming enables you to harmonise these two components, their targeted homology and safe integration into your processes. Although vaccines, antibodies and therapeutic proteins are already produced in plants, there has been a lack of technology that not only allows purification into a suitable product in a reasonable time, but also allows the use of plant expression systems without the high investment required by the pharmaceutical industry. These days are over thanks to BionFarming’s clonal and reproducible technology. For the first time, glycosylation patterns can be engineered to be easily transferable to humans, greatly simplifying regulatory approval. 

Product Pipeline


Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency is a congenital genetic defect for which there is currently no cure. BionFarming is in the process of developing plant-derived AAT, which is not only a direct substitute, but also replaces a very cost-intensive production with a more cost-effective plant product. Based on the plant-made AAT, BionFarming has started the development of a COVID therapeutic. 

Vegan Trastuzumab

Trastuzumab is one of the best-tested and most proven anti-body therapies for breast cancer and other cancers. With the first plant-based biosimilar, BionFarming will create an alternative for all patients who want an animal-free therapy. 


Enable recycling as in nature

  • Closed water-, fertiliser- and energy-cycles
  • 100% use of the cultivars, even the roots become usableProductivity increase of over 50% by utilising the roots
  • Naturally degradable residues which act as permanent carbon sink