Planty© - Manufacturing platform

Deep scientific expertise in autotrophic systems biology combined with process know-how provides the perfect platform for innovative therapies: 

  • BionFarming provides cutting-edge technology for optimised, scalable and resource-efficient crop cultivation. Plants are naturally regenerative.
  • Biotechnological methods to tailor protein production in plants for maximum, homogeneous yield and precise activity.
  • End-to-end biosafety that surpasses all other bioprocesses and eliminates the use of animal-derived reagents.
  • Delivers personalised therapies and meets consumer demand for green medicines.
  • Highly flexible automation of recombinant protein production for use as antibodies, biosimilars, enzymes and more enzymes and many more.

We invite pharma partners to advance all current and future candidates

We are developing all forms of recombinant proteins to bring them successfully into clinical development and continue to search for promising compounds. This creates a wealth of opportunities. 

While our Planty technology platform remains the property of BionFarming, new individual assets are being developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners. Each of these partnerships will be incorporated into a newly formed subsidiary. This approach allows the partners to focus on the respective indication.

Developing drug candidates for clinical development with

Pharmaceutical Partners

BionFarming enables pharmaceutical companies to test and develop on the proprietary Planty© platform 


  • Transient Planty platforms are easily scalable with BionSphere technology and enable the production of recombinant proteins within a few weeks. This is particularly useful for the production of emergency vaccines.
  • There is no need to identify, isolate and develop optimal, highly productive cell lines to enable large-scale production.

End-to-end biosafety

  • Plant cells offer advantages over mammalian and microbial systems by producing different types of eukaryotic proteins with the precise folding and modification required for their activity.
  • Plants produce different glycan profiles than humans, which can lead to immunogenicity.
  • Holistic modification allows faster outcome assessment and reduced risk of IP injury.


  • Planty© platforms enable the production of recombinant proteins without contamination by animal proteins, endotoxins or pathogens.
  • End-to-end biosafety enables accelerated regulatory approval by eliminating the need for testing for human toxins and pathogens.