How to Start

Working with BionFarming to develop recombinant proteins using our algae platform. The development of recombinant proteins using our algae platform is not a complex process and the collaboration between your company and us as a specialised service provider requires nothing more than contacting us. To make it as easy as possible for you to get started, here is a detailed guide to the process of this collaboration, from first contact to first expression tests.


Scaling like nature

BionFarm are designed to be grouped together for greater performance. Connecting two or more BionSpheres together creates a network effect and with significant economies of scale. The BionFarm can be manufactures economically in large numbers, applying the highly efficient methods used in automotive production. In this way, plant growth can be optimised to meet any demand

Step 1: First contact and choice of BionFarming

You have found BionFarming to be a suitable service provider with experience in the development of recombinant proteins and understand that our platform is particularly suited to doing this in a sustainable way, protected by our inherent end-to-end biosecurity. Then contact us by email, phone or via our website to exchange initial information and arrange a detailed initial meeting.

Step 2: Developing a joint development strategy

First meeting: In an initial meeting (face-to-face or virtual), we discuss the project objectives,timeframe and your  specific requirements for the production of your protein. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): A non-disclosure agreement is signed before any sensitive data is exchanged to ensure confidentiality. Strategy Development: Based on your project goals and requirements, we work together to develop a detailed strategy for the entire development process, including milestones, budget and a contractual basis under one of our pre-licensing models.

Step 3: Order and contract

Proposal and draft agreement: BionFarming will prepare a detailed proposal and draft agreement, including the pre-licensing strategy. Contract negotiations: Contract negotiations follow to clarify specific terms and delivery conditions. We make sure that your order to BionFarming includes all the elements you consider important. Contract finalisation: Once a final agreement has been reached, the contract is signed by both parties.

Step 4: Development of the algal expression chassis and first expression tests

Construction of the genetic vector: BionFarming develops genetic vectors capable of expressing the desired protein.
Transformation of the algal chassis: Our algae are transformed with the vectors to enable expression of the target protein. Confidential 6 – 6
Optimisation of culture conditions: Experiments are carried out with different culture conditions to maximise protein expression.
First expression tests: Initial tests are carried out to assess the efficiency of protein expression.

Step 5: Analysis and interpretation of expression results

Protein analysis: The proteins produced are analysed using appropriate biochemical methods, e.g. SDS-PAGE or Western blot. Data analysis: The results are jointly evaluated and a decision is made as to whether further
optimisation is required.

Step 6: Scaling up and development

Optimise: Based on the initial test results, our team will make adjustments to improve the yield and quality of the protein.
Scale up: Production is scaled up from lab scale to pilot or production scale. Further testing and quality control: Further quality control and functional testing is performed during upscaling.

Step 7: Finalisation and handover

Final evaluation: Once the development and scaling phase has been successfully completed, a final evaluation of the project objectives is carried out. Handover: The final product and all associated data are handed over to your company. Production under licence can begin.
Aftercare: The service provider provides support during the initial production phase or in the event of further questions.
These steps will guide you through the entire process of working with BionFarming to develop recombinant proteins on our unique algae platform.