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imhier&morgen-Podcast: Kai Gondlach interviews Christoph von Studzinski

Unlock the power of the plant! The podcast with Kai Gondlach and one of our founders Christoph von Studzinski.
Vertical farming & how we can feed world hunger
„And this brings us to another topic: How do we successively move out of the fossil economy into a bio-economy?“ says Christoph von Studzinski of BionFarming
Plants are the engine of the world climate and also of humanity. Without them we would have nothing to eat, and without agriculture no modern civilisation can survive.
If we do everything right, Christoph estimates, we can satisfy world hunger in the next 20-30 years through modern agriculture. But how can we do this without fossil resources? How do we get the best out of the plants without destroying the planet? And what does vertical farming have to do with it?


Christoph von Studzinski, VP BionFraming