Industrial cell production and processing always requires a combination of in-depth knowledge of cell biology and knowledge of efficient processes for scalable propagation.

It is therefore much more challenging to implement than established production processes based on fermentation, for example. Our interdisciplinary teams of specialised scientists and experienced engineers develop tailor-made systems from cell biology, process engineering and plant construction for individual tasks – for maximum quality and efficiency.

For scalable recombinant protein production, stable and high-performing cell lines are a key success factor. We provide robust cyanobacterial and algal cell lines and culture media tailored to your specific needs.

Our customers can choose from a cell bank of long-lived cell lines with high proliferation rates, superior differentiation properties and the ability to grow in suspension to realise their protein products. We also provide services to companies and academia for the development of specific autotrophic cell lines that are not included in our portfolio.

We offer a wide range of stable, on-demand immortalised (GMO and non-GMO) cell lines from a variety of algal and cyanobacterial species. Other cell lines can be developed on request.

Tailor-made development of primary photosynthetic cell cultures

Efficient basis for cell proliferation

If you want to grow cell cultures of cyano cells and algae, you need specially prepared cells that are as efficient as possible and can be multiplied in a clearly defined and reproducible process. It is not enough to isolate a wild type. It has to be prepared for long-term cell culture. At the same time, we develop an optimised production process for each cell, consisting of equipment and media, to achieve the longest possible and most uniform division.

We can already provide suitable and proven cell lines of many cyanobacterial and algal species from our own, constantly growing cryocell bank, so that this step of cell culture development can be omitted.

Optimisation of primary cell culture

Maximum efficiency for your cell growth

Wherever industrial cell propagation is performed, high quality and maximum yield with minimum use of resources are essential. Existing systems do not always meet the desired parameters, such as longest possible division times and cost-effective use of media. In addition, the environment can change unintentionally over time, making it necessary to adapt production. We analyse the existing proliferation process in all parameters and develop promising optimisations for the respective cell culture together with our customers.

Development/provision of specific cell lines for the production of recombinant proteins

Use of photosynthetic cell cultures for the production of raw materials

As the smallest independently living organism, the photosynthetic cell is capable of performing many other tasks. In addition to its own existence, it is able to produce and secrete necessary substances that can then be processed industrially. These can be enzymes or hormones, for example. In contrast to many other production processes, only a few and inexpensive raw materials are usually required, and pure and high-quality substances can be produced.

Together with our customers, we develop long-term stable photosynthetic cell cultures that reproducibly produce the desired proteins and raw materials.

Development of industrial cell production and processing

Cell production lines

In addition to the development of cell cultures, we realise scalable production and processing systems for our customers. Thanks to experienced and efficient cooperation partners, for example in the field of plant engineering, we are able to cover the entire life cycle professionally, from the design phase to the operating phase. Depending on the customer’s requirements, we can also take on sub-tasks related to the proliferation phase, cell harvesting and immediate post-processing. We already have proven production technologies for certain tasks.

Proof-of-concept development for large-scale cell production

Security for major investment projects

Many companies are waiting in the wings to implement large-scale industrial cell propagation. It is often difficult to assess the extent to which the planned production processes will actually work in terms of cell biology and process implementation. For this reason, we support our industrial or public clients in evaluating these issues, both analytically and theoretically, as well as biophysically and practically. In this way, risks can be better assessed or even quantified.

If you are from industry and have questions or project proposals regarding our bioengineering services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Scaling like nature

BionFarm are designed to be grouped together for greater performance. Connecting two or more BionSpheres together creates a network effect and with significant economies of scale. The BionFarm can be manufactures economically in large numbers, applying the highly efficient methods used in automotive production. In this way, plant growth can be optimised to meet any demand