Unlocking the

Power of plants

WELCOME TO bionfarming

Feeding a growing population and addressing climate change can be achieved simultaneously using the power of plants. As plants grow, they sequester carbon dioxide that they then convert into energy. At BionFarming our goal is to harness this unique circular power.

Nature as a model

BionFarming applies bionic principles which have already
been successfully applied to many challenges. We have transferred the advantages of the bionic approach to plant cultivation. The potential of BionFarming is great: the even greater potential is that we combine sustainability and productivity.

Truly Sustainable Plant


As the demand for sustainable solutions grows, we are offering a sophisticated vertical farming solution to organizations focused on staying ahead of the curve. Every time our BionSphere cultivates plants, the impact goes beyond the demand it’s served on.  



Plants are the basis of all life. This is why BionFarming puts them at the centre of sustainable cultivation. Our most important principle is to imitate nature by giving plants the space and equilibrium to grow as they would do in nature.
Inspired by this principle, we have developed a solution to cultivate sustainable, high-quality and regionally sourced food.