Engineering algae molecular farming to deliver plant-based solutions.

A new beginning to better our world with biology

BionFarming is unlocking the full potential of molecular farming and revolutionising the development and accessibility of powerful algae-based pharmaceuticals, medical foods and ecological applications. Our mission is to create healthy, environmentally friendly and affordable algae-based biotech products by pushing the scientific boundaries to expand the range of recombinant products and enable sustainable production. We aim to revolutionise the development, cost and accessibility of sustainable algae-based products. 

Unlocking the power of molecular farming

Engineering the future of biomanufacturing to deliver plant-based solutions.


New solutions, therapies and applications need new pathways.

The era of cells producing biological compounds is coming to an end. A green technology shift is needed to unlock the potential of new molecules that have  been impossible to manufacture or too costly to produce. 

BionFarming opens up this realm of unprecedented possibilities for biomanufacturing with the help of an inconspicuous but incredibly efficient family of organisms: plants. 

From complex and sophisticated to fast and cheap, plants are the future of recombinant biomanufacturing. 

What we offer

Biosystems technology is key

The key to transforming the biomanufacturing industry is to understand and predict the integration of recombinant pathways into plant physiology. 

Extensive pathway analysis combined with expression analysis enables knowledge-based manipulation of diverse plant species, their development as expression hosts and the design of custom plant production organisms for our customers. 

This innovative approach allows us to gain a comprehensive insight into complex plant bioprocesses and to identify bottlenecks in plant expression organisms. 

BionFarming is your partner for plant-based biosystem solutions. True to the company’s core competency of in planta solutions, we create plant-based answers to your biotech challenges, from development to integration. 

Business model

New therapies, innovative applications and sustainable manufacturing - partner with us

We work with our partners to develop the best plant platform to create a sustainable manufacturing structure that enables our partners to shape the future of their innovations. 

We are experts in the effective manipulation of the plant organism’s endogenous metabolic pathways through recombinant techniques and their subsequent metabolic optimisation. 

We have mastered the tools of plant systems biology to enable our customers to exploit new biocatalytic synthetic pathways for the sustainable and scalable production of their recombinant products. 

We establish plants as reliable and compliant platforms for the biotechnological production of tomorrow.