Unlocking the

Power of plants

WELCOME TO bionfarming

Planty© of solutions New solutions and new therapies need new ways to succeed. A technological revolution is needed to realise the potential of molecules we’ve yet to discover-or, if we have, to manufacture. BionFarming’s Planty platform makes plants the solution.

Nature as a model

At BionFarming, we have a deep legacy of scientific innovation. As pioneers in the field of plant-made proteins, we believe that science and innovation can make a difference to humanity. From the outset, our focus has been on harnessing the full expression potential of plants to successfully combat disease through innovative therapies. We have spent decades conducting basic research to understand plant ecophysiology and its mechanisms in order to improve our technologies. We combine powerful new technology mechanisms with a diverse range of biological vectors to harness the power of plants. In this way, we aim to develop new treatments and improve the standard of care across multiple indications.

The circular platform


BionFarming’s PLANTY platform uniquely combines plant expression, vector efficiency and purification to increase the quality and quantity of plant-made pharmaceuticals. Pharmasterile cultivation under plant-optimised conditions provides end-to-end biosecurity and enables rapid and consistent expression. The optimal pairing of plant and vector allows a high degree of flexibility. Virtually loss-free purification ensures the highest quality of our plant-made products.


Establishing green pharmacy

Plants are the source of all life. That is why BionFarming places them at the heart of sustainable molecular farming. Our key principle is to mimic nature by giving plants the space and balance to grow in a way that unleashes their full power for the benefit of innovative therapies. With this bionic principle, we have developed a solution for “growing” sustainable, innovative and locally produced therapies – the foundation of green biopharmaceuticals.